Poker Divas

Thursday, August 23, 2018

2018/08/23 - Stop Playing Games You Cannot Win

[EPISODE] Stop Playing Games You Cannot Win

Join us this week as we talk about playing games you cannot win. We’ve all been guilty of it. Think about the last time you stayed in a situation where in hindsight there was no way you were going to get what you wanted. This affects us in business, at home and in personal relationships. We will explore all three areas. What do you do when you finally realize that you are in a no win situation? Are you stubborn and keep fighting back or realize when the game is over and you cannot possibly win and get out before you invest anymore time and energy. Its not quitting. It’s preservation of your mind , energy and money . In poker it’s knowing when to fold. Or in some instances not getting involved in the first place. Join us and learn how to identify these situation before you get too involved and how to get out without losing it all.