Poker Divas

Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018/08/16 - The 4 Personality Types

[EPISODE] The 4 Personality Types

Tune in to this week's show as we talk about how to deal with the most difficult personality types. What do you do when you encounter a difficult person at work? Is it better to push back or take a less aggressive approach? How about someone who is too passive? Do you enjoy their flexibility or become frustrated by their lack of opinion? We will explore the 4 personality types found at the poker table and show how they mirror the same behavior in business. Everything we do involves managing personality types including your own. Listen in and learn the best way to play the people in your world.  
Segment 1:
Ellen opens up to the new listeners, telling them that Poker Divas isn't about playing poker, but learning how to deal use the strategy in life. Ellen also reminds the listeners that Poker Divas aren't women only, men can be inspired to. Ellen talks about knowing the personalities of how is around you. Ellen describes them as the 4 different poker personalities.
  1. The Bully
  2. The Invisible It
  3. The Calling Station
  4. A Missile
Segment 2:
Ellen continues to talk about the 4 personalities type. She takes the time to debunk each of the personality in great detail. She describes how each personality can disguised themselves in an everyday life. Example: The Bully can be someone you know like your friend or coworker. They act one way towards other people but they treat you a different way.
Segment 3:
Ellen opens up about the Poker Divas Personalities Quiz. She decide to ask three questions to give the listeners a chance to know about themselves. Caller, Blanche Brand, who opens up about her experiences about different and difficult people in the work place. She even talks about how people are job hopping or people who are leaning on information, instead of experiences.
Segment 4:
Ellen thanks Blanche for calling in. She talks about the answers to the questions that the listeners put down for themselves. The results may be shocking to most of you. Ellen advise everyone that can you change the personality that you are by being a more assertive, but don't overdo. In closing, Ellen talks about how you can deal with different personalities at work as well as trying to help you overcome if the personalities fit you. It all comes down to strategy.
"The best way to win any game, you have to play the player." -Ellen Leikind