The Gov Shack

Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018/08/15 - Well, At Least...

THIS WEEK: Domestic Violence and Family Law.
This is a show about politics, society and our future. We need to shift our mindset away from strict rules and centralized control to free-flowing ideas and localized solutions. Our culture needs to move away from fear-based retaliatory reaction and toward growth-based proactive support.  

Segment 1:  

Larry introduce himself as a candidate for governor. Larry share his insight about different politics views. "At Least" becomes redundant to the point where it becomes "OK". Larry talks about how we shouldn't be settled with 'scraps'. Larry talks about what happens to him over the weekend about being dropped from the ballot or drop out completely. Larry introduce his first caller, Jake, of the night, question Larry about different policies and different taxes. Larry gave his insight about people voting because they are afraid and Larry doesn't want people to be afraid. Introduction to his second caller, Brian who wanted to know how is the signature count for Larry being on the ballot.  

Segment 2: 

Larry continues to talk and campaign over the air. He answers any questions to the best of his abilities. Larry's reaction to the statement "Has America ever been great?" In short, Larry doesn't care about what other people think. People only focus on the bad things that is happening in America. America isn't perfect and it won't ever perfect. Larry continues to provide his insights on NY politics. 

Segment 3: 

Larry answer the question about why people should vote for him. He reminds the people he is not the perfect conservativeCuomo scold people because "there is no room for conservative." while Larry respect them, saying "There is lot of room for conservative." He opens up his thoughts about planned parenthood and other political talk.  

Segment 4: 

Larry continue his campaign talk and answering questions. Larry explain his plan for lease out naming rights. Many callers are questioning Larry to get to know him better.  One caller asked Larry about his insights about firearms.