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Thursday, August 9, 2018

2018/08/09 - The Abundance Series Part 2

Hosted by Kai Cole and Dell Henderson, we gather a loving community to practice cultivating MAGIC in our lives.

[EPISODE] The Abundance Series Part 2  
  August is Abundance month! This week Our Daily Magic features abundance experts: --> Yael Sharbani Hamilton & Garrett Hamilton of we discuss the many ways to master the law of attraction. Though there may be challenges, the path to abundance is surely paved just for you! We discuss blocks, how to overcome them and of course daily rituals to get us there. Learn more about their Law of Attraction Meetup Group here: Find out more about a host of#magical#daily#rituals, hot #new items, live events & our stellar  
 Segment  1   Kai Cole and Dell Henderson introduce their guest who will be talking about manifestation due to Abundance month. The two guest are Yael Sharbani Hamilton & Garrett Hamilton of Dell gives us the magical quote of the week from Abraham Hicks. The Hamilton’s give there take on the quote talking about the flow and not fighting the current. Yael talks about getting into the law of allowing and her background. Garrett then talks about his background and his dad influencing him to start focusing. Garrett also talks about what Abundance means to him.  Segment 2  Yael Sharbani Hamilton tells a story about being in debt and not being able to pay for her mover's fee but not being worried because something always come through for her and her family. She starts writing down everything she wanted and what it will do for her. By September she had money for everything and more money in abundance for leisure. Garrett Hamilton talks about before meeting his wife Yael and learning how to pray for his mother. Garrett talks about riding his motorcycle one night and almost getting into an accident but God helped him secure himself. He remembered asking his mother how to pray the night before so he saw the connection of nothing bad happening when in that moment. Garrett gets emotional because of the connection between his brain, heart, and God's energy. Segment 3 Yael talks about not worrying and shares all the what if she thinks about that gets her and her husband excited. She talks about manifesting all her money and getting the things she got done. Garrett tells the listeners what he had to overcome. He had to overcome self-love and knowing how to control his anger. He talks about being put in those certain situations where he was pushed to bring his old side back but knew how to control it or get out of those types of situations. Segment 4 Yael talks about the 5 things that help her manifest and creates whatever she wants.  #1. What I want! Why do I want it? and How will it make me feel? #2. Let Go #3. Know that you are worthy and deserving of self-love #4. Love what you want to create  #5. Live in Gratitude                              Garrett talks about helping people get out that anger state and feeling like no one can help but want to help. The Hamiltons stretch out a hand to the viewers to write them anytime they want to talk.