Building the Blockchain

Friday, July 20, 2018

2018/07/20 - A Personal AI Helper

THIS WEEK: A Personal AI Helper  This week’s show is sponsored by www.Cityblockchainsummit.comComputeruser and This segment includes a discussion of ICOs and a preview of the CEO’s and guests that will be appearing on upcoming shows. We are updating our format to get our audience involved and learn how they can support the ICO’s of their choice that they believe will make a difference. We are not recommending any investments in a particular ICO/STO or any cryptocurrencies without first getting financial advice from a professional that you know and trust, but we want you to be aware of the latest developments and trends in Blockchain and the CEO’s of startup companies disrupting the all facets of our daily lives. The show will introduce via call into studio live the founder of Peter Voss.

Tune in to learn more!

On this week’s episode, David talks about ICOs and how CEO’s build their businesses around them and the blockchain. Peter Voss is the guest on this show and talks about AIGO.AI. Segment #1: David opens the show introducing this week’s episode on ICOs and promotes the Blockchain Revolution. Next he introduces this week’s guest, Peter Voss, and talks about his work with AI. Peter proceeds to go into more detail about his work with AI for the business world. He then goes into a lot of the difficulties that come with the language barriers and dealing with AI. Segment #2: David continues the interview with Peter. Peter continues his talk about AI, this time going into the difficulties that may arise from different accents. David asks Peter about the behind the scene works, namely what a bot is and how it works. Peter talks about his passion for AI and about his team and the work they’ve had to do over the years. He talks about the distinction between his line of work and “Narrow AI”. Segment #3: Peter opens the segment talking about how personal AIGO is and how it learns your preferences and adapts to suit the individual user. Peter also talks about how AIGO will keep your information private, unlike some of the “horror stories” that are out there with AI like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Peter then goes into the differences between his AI and Siri and Alexa. He then talks about AIGO’s presence on the blockchain and how they utilize it. Segment #4: Peter continues his thoughts on the blockchain and why AIGO uses it and how it helps their AI grow. He talks about how their AI work with many different types of cryptocurrency, including ethereum. As the interview concludes, David asks Peter to talk about his clientele and the people they work with. David thanks Peter for his time and Peter details how to contact his company.