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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2018/06/05 - GDPR and How It Effects Web Design

THIS WEEK: GDPR and How It effects Web Design
Discussion on the latest issues around GDPR and how it effects modern web design practices as well as new music from artists around the world.

Bruce Chamoff discusses the latest issues around GDPR and how it affects modern web design practices as well as new music from artists around the world.

Segment 1:

Bruce Chamoff begins this segment by talking with Sean Chordi the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bruce and Sean discuss hacking and security breaches, and how that’s impacted companies and people. For example, Target was breached and put their customers at risk. Sean believes the GDPR will ultimately impact everyone. Bruce believes that social media websites, especially Facebook, have been affected because of how much traffic they have, but Bruce wonders about the smaller websites. Bruce believes the GDPR will benefit people by helping protect their information from things such as being able to add people’s information to a contact list without other people’s permission. Sean believes that GDPR will actually benefits websites in the future because if they show that they are trying to protect their consumers, people will be more likely to regularly utilize their services.

Segment 2:

Bruce begins the second segment by continuing is discussion about the GDPR. The GDPR is especially focused in the EU and discusses what it will look like if it were implemented around the world. Bruce is joined by Benjamin to discuss how GDPR will impact smaller companies versus larger companies. The GDPR is meant to protect people’s contact information on the internet. GDPR also gives people access to the information held about them. If this information is withheld, there can be fines issued to the data holders. This could negatively impact smaller websites versus larger companies because larger websites would not be concerned about fines, but smaller companies will be majorly impacted by fines because they may be unable to afford it, and these fines are really meant for larger websites like Facebook.

Segment 3:

Bruce is joined by another guest, Michael, and continues their discussion about the way GDPR negatively impacts smaller companies versus larger companies, and how it will make work more difficult for smaller companies. Michael discusses how GDPR will make his job more difficult because he will have to make sure his website his more GDPR compliant or he could be penalized for it. Since GDPR will become the standard, people will start to view companies as unprofessional if they are not GDPR compliant. Bruce moves onto a new topic; music! Bruce shares a song that he recommends by the artist Wembi. Wembi’s music is available on YouTube.

Segment 4:

Bruce begins the final segment by sharing more music. Bruce also provides a short summary of today’s topic and the conversations he had with his many guests about GDPR.