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Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018/05/09 - Race and Gender

THIS WEEK: Race and Gender
Segment 1: Larry discusses legalizing marijuana, The effect that criminalizing marijuana has on race, Unique survival tactics as a black man, White privilege a thing?, Playing the race card, White supremacy playing a role in police brutality?, “We can’t deal with race if people don’t talk about it”, Gender and sexuality issues, Why should a conservative vote for a libertarian like Larry Sharpe?, Voting Republican in a state wide election is a waste of a vote?, Voting third party moves the needle Segment 2: Sanctuary cities, Localizing government, Larry encourages local residents to decide what they want to do about illegal immigration, Health care reform vs. Health care insurance reform, The best doctors in NY take only credit card or cash, Two tier system of health care, The gap between health care for wealthy and middle class, The doctors job should be to keep you healthy instead of simply give you procedures Segment 3: Larry Sharpe explain his plans for the Safe Act, Pardoning victims and abolishing the safe act, Larry discusses the war on guns and his opposition to harsh gun laws, “I would rather have a guilty person go free than an innocent person imprisoned”, Unions and trades, Collective bargaining, Labor is not more special or valuable than business, Union pensions should not be part of the state budget, Training our kids for jobs that don’t exist?, “College is A way to success, not THE way to success” Segment 4: Localizing schools for better education, Larry discusses the pros of homeschooling, Common core, Testing is not the right answer and does not indicate success in life, Education ending at 10th grade and making testing optional, Promoting farming to the youth, The average American will have 5 careers in their lifetime and the starting the process early is beneficial
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