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Thursday, May 3, 2018

2018/05/02 - The Judicial System

THIS WEEK: The Judicial System
Segment 1: Fathers Rights, Family Court, Family Court is one of the most important courts, The difference between justice and punishment, Larry: “How is jail justice for victims?”, “Tough on Crime makes more criminals. Soft on crime makes more criminals. Fair on crime makes less criminals”, Justice system favors those who can cut the largest checks, DUI system in New York State, 2nd Amendment rights, War on drugs, “Drug possession should not be a crime”, OASIS Segment 2: Larry discusses how he plans to win the election and change the way people think about government, Larry discusses cops targeting black and brown people, Larry aims to break the bad habits within law enforcement, Caller asks about how Larry plans to listen to upstate New York, Larry discusses the difference between upstate and western New York and New York City, Larry discusses planned parenthood and fracking Segment 3: Larry discusses public transit and Uber, Immigration and sanctuary cities, Agro-friendly market in NYC, Larry reveals more about plan to legalize marijuana and exempt in state farmers from federal regulations if they sell exclusively in New York State, “Campaign finance is a disaster… it crushes third parties like me”, Corporations/Organizations should not be able to give to candidates as they are not people, Larry discusses getting money out of politics, “The American People have said they need money in politics” Segment 4: Repealing the safe act, “The safe does not make people safer”, It’s better for a guilty man to go free than an innocent man to be in prisoned, “We don’t have a justice system we have a punishment system”, Jury nullification, Does the justice system need to be torn down the rebuilt?, Education and accountability will fix the justice system, “There is no downside for a corrupt or evil prosecutor”, Zoning and consumer markets, Vaping
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