Our Daily Magic

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2018/05/01 - Hardcore Coaching Part 2

Hosted by Kai Cole, we gather a loving community to discuss the MAGIC that we make in our lives through Healing, Heart & Holistic Wellness.

EPISODE : Hardcore Coaching Part 2 This week we welcome powerful guests: - Krysti Turznik of (life coach and hypnotist) - Alionka Polanco of (soul clarity & abundance coach) We will be discussing what these coaches do to go above and beyond as well as how they keep up their energy, inspiration and motivation to go the distance each and every time. Find out more about our show at along with a host of #magical #daily #rituals, hot #new items, live events and the rest of our stellar #tribe.   Segment1: Sharing their wisdom, Krysti Turznik of (life coach and hypnotist) and Alionka Polanco of (soul clarity & abundance coach) talk about how their journey got started. How it is to be a life coach and what it took to get there. Segment 2: The verge of knowing there is more out there for oneself and watching that transformation that takes place in finding who you are. A transformation to celebrate. Challenges faced as being a life coach and the obstacles that Kai ask what are Rituals that can be helpful on a daily basis and practiced by the coaches? Krysti recommends listing things that you are grateful for and what the goal is for the day. Connecting with a deeper sense of purpose and utilizing it. Allonka recommends making time to sit in your love. “You are powerful and so divine, you are love” Segment 3: Krysti and Allonka talks about collaborating with others and the motivation that comes along with it. the coaches discuss who inspired them and how. That special sauce, the flavor that is brought to the plate. Segment 4: “The visions are our desires”- Kyrsti