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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2018/05/01 - An All Music Jam Session with Coach Bruce

THIS WEEK: An All Music Jam Session with Coach Bruce

It’s another all-music show this week as Coach Bruce showcases some of the best independent music.

Segment 1

Coach Bruce starts his Jam Sessionwith “Sugar Lake” by Lynne Taylor Donovan.

Next up was “Gimme” by Kaiya and then ends the first segment with Tony Piff’s “Finally”

Segment 2

Coach Bruce has a string of electronic hits from artist Xavier Toscano with his songs “Runaway”, “Never Wanna Leave”, and “Apologies Wasted”. Bruce caps off a string of Xavier Toscano with “Sheyibone” from the aritist Aryeh Lieb Hurwitz.

Segment 3

Coach Bruce brings in a frequent artist Dr. Optimizer with his song “100 steps to the shoreline”, then plays “Destiny” by Jay Stevens and then brings his own music to the fray with “Tough Woman.”

Segment 4

Coach Bruce wraps up his Jam Session hour with some of his own work with”Doctor” and “”Pianoland”