The Web Design and Technology Coach

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018/04/10 - Thought Leadership, Media, and Music!

THIS WEEK: A Music and Tech Show
This week on The Web Design and Technology Show with Coach Bruce Chamoff, we discuss the recent YouTube HQ shooting, embracing Thought Leadership in Public Relations as a credibility booster, and the importance of creating a media page with everything from headshots to your bio. Also, great original music from artists around the world. Also, great original music from artists around the world.
  Segment One We meet our guests and learn about their line of work, Angela, and Andy. Bruce talks about how he knows the guest and what they are working on together. We discuss the unfortunate event of the YouTube Headquarters. They discuss why they think it happened, and what advertising affects other YouTubers. They discuss they idea of thought leadership and what it is. Segment Two In this segment, we show examples of thought leadership online. They are talking about the importance of bringing other people on a project. They discuss their fields and how they are in a broad field, and everyone one has a specific role. They talk about Andy's work and what they do. He talks what her right choice for their website and how paths change depending on the website and company. Segment Three Bruce asks the guest how they promote their businesses. They also talk about how they can get in touch with them and sees how they can get help with them. They talk about Analytics and how it affects the business and how they need it under different circumstances. They talk about how Google Analytics can help a website and how they are using in real life. They also talk about how to improve skills and inspire your work. Segment Four Bruce shows us various songs of various Artist and Genres.