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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018/04/03 - Decolonizing Permaculture

Hosted by Kai Cole,  we gather a loving community to discuss the MAGIC that we make in our lives through Healing, Heart & Holistic Wellness.

EPISODE: Decolonizing Permaculture This week we welcome knowledgable guests: - Jess Ann Rubin of Roots and Trails and MycoevolveCourtni Hale of, and host of Decolonizing Women & Shamanism - Healing the HealersElyssa Serrilli of Lifeon.earthCaitlin Waddick of Lifeon.earthAnthony Melting Tallow We will be discussing "decolonizing permaculture" both as a metaphor and its literal meaning.
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This week, Kai welcomes to the show Jess Ann Rubin of Roots and Trails and Mycoevolve. Courtni Hale of, and host of Decolonizing Women & Shamanism - Healing the Healers,’s Elyssa Serrilli and Caitlin Waddick and Anthony Melting Tallow. All of them will discuss "decolonizing permaculture" both as a metaphor and its literal meaning.

Segment 1

Kai begins the show introducing all her guests (we have a lot of people this week). Everyone goes around giving their background and then detailing what permaculture means to them.

Elyssa Serrilli on Permaculture: “These kinds of patterns can be applied to anything.”

Caitlin Waddick on what permaculture means to her: “Decolonization is not a metaphor! Not just about any liberal person’s idea of oppression.”

Segment 2

The panel breaks down and defines the meanings of decolonization and permaculture. Breaking down the components of permaculture. Elyssa talks about her perspective when examining native people and people in South Africa when talking about the matter.

Segment 3

Kai and her guests go deep into the idea of decolonization. Talking about how it affects indigenous people, the relationships and connections that can be forged from decolonization, and why it is important for indigenous people to decolonize. They also get into what we can learn from indigenous people.

Segment 4

Kai wraps up the show by asking her guests what they can learn from indigenous people through their unique skills. They detail what the permaculture movement is, how people have gotten involved and what they have personally done for the movement.