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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018/03/27 - Facebook Privacy Settings Tutorial and Scandal

THIS WEEK: Facebook Privacy Settings Tutorial and Scandal

Bruce is joined by guest host Carolyn Joseph of CJ Design & Consulting as they discuss the art of getting people to take action on social media on some of the most challenging social networks including, but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram Twitter. Bruce will also feature some of the hottest music acts from around the world as well as Worldwide Web Events for April 2018.

This week we welcome special guest Caroline Joseph, We are talking about the latest in web drama… Facebook. Bruce wants to make sure you have the right settings not to get tricked by businesses like Cambridge analytics.   Segment 1 We introduce our guest and how we know each other. We talk about what web design was like 20 years ago. Facebook is discussed, and where the issue started. We discuss why this happened and how it happened. We discuss the story of the situation and how it ties in with advertising.   Segment 2 We get a caller, Darrel, who share ideas of what happen and contribute to the conversation. We discuss the trust in Facebook and small businesses. Hacker is discussed and how they have evolved and what they can do.   Segment 3 We are playing music!
  • Mike Carro, “Bones of Love”
  • "Blood on our hands" Rev. Peter Unger
  • "Wyatt Earp" Ray William Holden
  Segment 4 The tutorial of making  Facebook more private for you. Follow along to protect your information. And the three ways to block your privacy.