Our Daily Magic

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018/03/20 - Love and Light Everyday

Hosted by Kai Cole,  we gather a loving community to discuss the MAGIC that we make in our lives through Healing, Heart & Holistic Wellness.

EPISODE: Love & Light Everyday This week we welcome powerful guests: - Daniela Sage of LightcodesWellness.comMike Jannetti of IlluminatetheselfAnthony Sims of the Reiki Bar We will be discussing how one integrates being a powerful light worker and energy healer into daily life. What challenges are faced and how do we help humanity... together? Find out more about our show at along with a host of #magical #daily #rituals, hot #new items, live events and the rest of our stellar #tribe.  

This week, Kai welcomes Daniela Sage of, Mike Jannetti of Illuminatetheself, and Anthony Sims of the Reiki Bar to discuss how one integrates being a powerful lightworker and energy healer into daily life as well as what challenges are faced and we can help humanity together?

Segment 1

Kai starts the show with a discussion what led each of her guests to becoming a lightworker. They go into what tools each use to assist in healing others. Mike, Daniela and Anthony each give their perspectives on what being a lightworker is all about.


Segment 2

Anthony discusses what led him to build his Reiki Bar. Kai’s guests reflect on how their friends and family reacted to them revealing their decision to become a lightworker. Mike talks about leaving his human family and embracing his soul family.


Segment 3

Kai initiates an open discussion between Anthony, Daniela and Mike on what their daily routine is in regards to being a lightworker. Anthony details the importance of natural healing and talks about our over reliance on chemical products.


Segment 4

They wrap up the show talking about spirituality and their perspectives on it. Kai gives her wonderful guests time to give our listeners advice as light workers.