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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2018/03/13 - Website Performance Enhancement

THIS WEEK: Website Performance Enhancement

Making your website faster and the implications and negative aspects of having a slow performing website. Worldwide web events for March and April 2018. On the Kicking Butt On Google segment, we also take a look into improving search engine rankings with and without SEO.

This week, Coach Bruce gives you advice on how to make your website faster and explains the negative aspects of implications of having a slow performing website.

Segment 1

Coach Bruce begins the show by exploring different ways to improve your website’s performance starting with configurations with Internet Explorer, the loading speeds of websites on mobile devices and the consequences of not improving the speed of your website such as things that cause revenue losses.

Bruce on the consequences of slow revenue time: “Every second your site takes to load, you lose seven percent of your revenue.”


Segment 2

Bruce breaks down the components of a well run website. He talks about what a call to action is and how it can help your web page.

Bruce on what must be in a call to action: “Always add a verb to your call to action on your website.”


Segment 3

Bruce then goes over the many events going on around the country on improving your website. Where to place certain features to attract users, He then explains what the term Time to First Byte means.


Segment 4

Coach Bruce then wraps up the show by breaking down sites that analyze statistics of a websites traffic and other aspects and how to navigate through Google analytics.