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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2018/03/06 - CMS Wars


Join Coach Bruce as he welcomes to the show Scott Becker of WPNYC (Wordpress New York City) to discuss how to best utilize Wordpress, discuss its mechanics and how it is different from other website building companies.

Segment 1

Coach Bruce talks about how he met Scott and how he became a constructor of Wordpress sites. Scott clarifies the differences between the .org and .com sites of Wordpress, and the mechanisms of using Wordpress.

Scott Becker on what he loves about working on Wordpress sites: “I love the community of Wordpress which is what drives my passion for it.”


Segment 2

They dive deeper in the website creation suites with other sites such as Squarespace. Also, Bruce and Scott go into the many hosting sites across the internet such as Bruce explains to Scott what the site Drupal is and how it is different from Wordpress. Bruce then shares his personal stories using Drupal.


Segment 3

Bruce and Scott talk about the many drag and drop website builders. Break down the debate between wordpress, squarespace and Wix. They discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the three sites in different components such as customer service and interface.

Bruce on Squarespace vs. Wix: If it’s Squarespace or Wix. Squarespace wins every time.”


Segment 4

Bruce and Scott then answer the question of what you should be doing with your website. Bruce wraps up the show by asking Scott what his favorite google fonts are, and even briefly delve into the history of fonts.

Bruce: “In the 60’s, did we even have a word called font?”

Bruce on talking about fonts: “I never thought I’d have so much fun talking about a boring subject like this.”