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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018/02/27 - How To Make More Money With Your Website

THIS WEEK: How To Make More Money With Your Website
In today's, show Bruce has special guest Iwona Nowak. They are talking about how to make more money with your website.   Segment 1: How to make more money with your website:  It's not just going to work on its own. People put all the "cool" stuff in the fold. However, not everyone is going to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. The way to get someones attention on the web is to only have one call to action above the fold, and the rest of the information in the fold.  Drives people away: Slow performing websites. Websites that load very slowly are far much less successful than fast performing websites.  In the first segment, Bruce explains what people do when it comes to web design and why people leave the site you have made. Iwona is introduced, and we learn about her page she is making that involves music. Bruce explains what to do after creating a website, how to make it interesting and what you might be doing wrong. He explains what people are doing on the internet and why you need a call to action. He gives you the first step in the process to stop people from leaving your website.   Segment 2: VH2 network: We are a vehicle to the public to distribute content to the public. VH2 will be open to all musicians, actors, producers and comedians who are looking for a home to show off or record talent both vocally and by video.   Darrel Tripplet calls in for Bruce and talks about building his network VH2. He explains what you can find on the website and how he created a different platform for people to share on. He talks about how he promotes it and what his next steps in promoting it is. Then he talks about advertising   Segment 3: Social media and digital marketing podcast: not as long of a podcast, more of a skit around 10-15 of minutes. It's ok to have a variety of topics because at the end of the day its your podcast and you need to know who your listeners are and what your target audience is.  Superbowl: If one is going to do a podcast on the Superbowl, depending on their audience, they may only have to do the entire podcast on the halftime show.  Eric Slayton calls in from the Inner Social Podcast. He talks about how he uses it to talk about social media and what platforms he uses. He explains a podcast Pullup and how flexibility is necessary when it comes to running his podcast. He discusses his software and hardware and how easy it is to create your own business. Bruce gives his insight into what he uses.   Segment 4: UXUI: designing a software passage to make it easy for people to use -Lots of technology conferences happening all around the world. -Every social network has its own demographic (Snapchat is for younger ages) In the final segment, Iwona and Bruce introduce a World Wide Web Events segment. He shares important and useful event in different places around the world. He talks WordPress and their events. And suggest ideas for people who want to become web designers. Evana talks social media and her favorite platform. Bruce explains what to look forward to in the future of his show and give one last tip.