So Now You Know

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018/01/02 - Flow Into Your Vision

THIS WEEK: Flow Into Your Vision.
Past health and fitness coach guest Pilin Anice and Tryphena Wade will join me and ring in the New Year with hope, joy, and determination. Creating a vision for 2018, what do you need to start seeing your path.
Segment 1 This first segment was an introduction segment of the show specifically about the holiday. Antonia introduced the special guests of who will go on the show and what things the guest was doing that were special. This first couple of minutes were all about New Year's Eve and about what happened and the special guest was asked about what type of food she had on the holiday. This introduction discussed Antonia’s life and what she does on the podcast that she would explain to the listeners. There was constant encouragement about the traveling and how she wants people to travel more. Segment 2 The show continued when it came to asking about traveling and the guests had friends where they traveled to. The interview continued as questions were mostly about transportation and about how do they get to certain places. The concerns were asked about how they travel or what methods of transportation that they use either flying or taking a train throughout the country or state. Segment 3 This segment happened after the break and this segment was about suggestions. This segment was mostly about suggestions as well as how to overcome what happened. Antonia asked the people calling into the show how do they overcome their challenges and if there were any suggestions they had. The question was asked how do overcome something and how do you improve it to go on to the next level and there were other quotes that were said about each person has in their life. Some of the other quotes were about living life and other quotes Antonia said were about how certain women would live their life. Segment 4 The segment began with Antonia introducing what is happening on January 6. This event would have many different types of exercises such as visualization exercises and other things that would happen. Visions for the new year were asked and the guest would like to continue their acting careers as well as what they can possibly do better next year.