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Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017/04/06 - The Ascent-ial Life

THIS WEEK : "The Ascent-ial Life"
We invite special guests Pierre duBois, author of "A Primer for Ascension" will discuss the Tribe Architecture as applied to the elevated journey of the soul.  Our broadcast will conclude with a very special 10-minute meditation. Kai Society delivers immense value and treasured insight regarding the evolving landscape of Marketing Strategy, Brand Alchemy and Tribe Architecture for Sustainable Conscious Communities around the world.
On this foggy morning, Kai Cole invites a special guest, author and spiritual teacher Pierre DuBois, on to discuss connections and spiritual understanding.
Pierre seeks freedom and liberation of the emotional burdens of his students. Issues within the body like aches and pains may be manifestations of mental burdens, and he seeks liberation upon that front as well.
Kai and Pierre profile the neutrality of listening, and how key such empathy is in order to solve problems non-judgmentally. Pierre also shares his motivation and spiritual experience in founding his healing retreat center in the Catskill Mountains.
Architecture of both the literal and metaphorical is discussed as well, with Pierre discussing his background in architecture and what led him to a different path in life. The importance of bearing witness, and how to seek balance without having a foundation is discussed as well, as jarring higher truths may be too much for a beginner to handle.
How can one be mindful of the trajectory of the future? What is the difference between a prediction and an omen? Ascension via discipline.
Pierre then discusses the immensity of feeling celestial presence through meditation, before leading the room in a guided meditation.
Finally, Pierre profiles upcoming events and seminars he will be involved in within the near future. Retreats for men, women, and mixed genders are profiled, with particular note paid to the corruption of “masculinity” as a concept (“The root of the Divine Masculine is mercy and love”).
Pierre shares a wonderful message, so be sure to tune in to this week’s Kai Society!
“To me, what I am? It’s that I’m a catalyst. I help to shift and move people…but for that gift to operate, I have to listen.” “I help create inner structures. There is a tunnel of light from earth, to solar, to galactic, we must become the armature to bore this tunnel into the heavens.” “You have to know there, to go there.” “Wisdom is actually power used carefully. When you’re a GIANT…you move gingerly.”