Kai Society

Thursday, March 30, 2017



We discuss the challenges and successes of Kai Society's largest undertaking... New Hampton Organic Farm

KAI SOCIETY delivers immense value and treasured insight regarding the evolving landscape of Marketing Strategy, Brand Alchemy and Tribe Architecture for Sustainable Conscious Communities around the world.  We highlight the power of profound partnerships, internal & external relationships as well as auspicious alliances that have influenced how we love our tribes and ultimately, our Selves.

Kai Cole invites Rob Kaye of the Rob and Cali Show onto her program this morning! Kai tells her listeners the creative process for founding her show, as well as farm life and the outdoor experience of living. She profiles the art of forging a community around a location, and how the communal architecture in outdoor grounds can foster new relationships in and out of the world of business.

Rob asks Kai how her day went, which leads into a treatise on visions and joy as well.

“Don’t look back, it’s not where you’re going.”