Kai Society

Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017/03/09 - Mountains

Episode 5: MOUNTAINS

Kai Cole continues to blaze trails in the worlds of business and media with her charismatic expertise (joined by Sam Liebowitz)! First, our media diets profile the social engagement apps MarketFox, Intercom, and (along with a discussion on Moore’s Law). Kai hands out awards for the Nomadic Visionary, Evolutionary Mind, and the Mountain for being pillars of their community. Sam and Kai also discuss the physical beauty and greatness of mountains, with a wonderful yarn about the joys of hiking and the pleasure of new perspectives. The nature of struggle and effort is unspooled as well, and how a challenge upon body and mind can activate deep contentment. Sam and Kai also break down the difference between “burdens” and “lessons”, and how consequences and failure can help us learn. Finally, Kai talks about her process, and the importance of “what question is my life the answer to”.   “Those mountains, my dear, were meant for you to climb, not to carry.”