Kai Society

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017/03/02 - Measurable Results

Kai Cole discusses the coveted concept of "Architecting Your Tribe."

Episode 4: "Measurable Results" We will reveal how measurable results are critically important in cultivating presence and acknowledgement (especially for one's Self) along the journey to your desired objectives.  Knowing that goals are attainable and that you are moving in the right direction are crucial for navigation and keeping you Tribe motivated.
KAI SOCIETY delivers immense value and treasured insight regarding the evolving landscape of Marketing Strategy, Brand Alchemy and Tribe Architecture for Sustainable Conscious Communities around the world.  We highlight the power of profound partnerships, internal & external relationships as well as auspicious alliances that have influenced how we love our tribes and ultimately, our Selves.

Kai takes on a new timeslot on this week’s edition of Kai Society!

Today’s guest is Shia Joyner, a business professional focused on creativity in the field of data strategy.

Shia shares her personal philosophy of PEACE (Passion, Execution, Accountability, Competency, Effort). How can we determine the tangible impact of your actions upon the tribe you manage?

Cindy Ashley, CEO of Total Faith Network, calls in to share her personal connection to Kai as well as own strategies for establishing oneself upon online platforms.

Kai and Cindy discuss KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and how exactly success can be measured in a fluid medium such as the internet.

Kai and Shia discuss their respective marketing diets and the prevalence of Google Alerts for events and entrepreneurship.

Awards (UNDERDOG / KEEPING IT REAL / THE LADDER)! Profiles on surging apps Envato,, Kodi, and Calendly!

“We’re all alone, together.”