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Thursday, February 16, 2017

2017/02/16 - Silence Is Golden

Kai Cole discusses the coveted concept of "Architecting Your Tribe."

Episode 3: "SILENCE IS GOLDEN" Kai dishes the details on her personal Vipassana (what's that?!?) for the past few days and welcomes in-studio special guests to comment on the subject of SILENCE:
  • GP WALSH - Founder, Master Heart Institute
  • SHELLEY CHAPMAN, EdM - Owner, Body Food Freedom (@ShelleyWellness)  Remember your New Year's resolution to eat better? The one that you kind of broke? Well today's guest Shelley Chapman, EdM will help you get back on track. This Saturday, you are invited to The Belly Breakthrough Brunch.  A brunch and workshop catered to emotional eaters who need help losing weight.  Come learn the principles to overcome emotional eating and taste the recipes that make weight loss a breeze. 

The magnetic Kai Cole returns for another riveting show, the one-month mark for Kai Society to be specific. Opening up with shout-outs to local tribe leaders and influencers, the spirit of collaboration will be fostered as Shelly Chapman of and returning legend G.P. Walsh join the show!

Shelly’s mission statement is all about self-esteem and the affirmation of the morning mirror, while G.P. desires a breaking down of unconscious “safe patterns” that hold back true achievement. These are hefty subjects at play, and the ability to create silence allows for deeper understanding.

Shelly shares her story of silence as it relates to the personal experience of food and how it enabled her to better her personal living. G.P. believes that silence is a deeply profound experience that every human craves on a biological and spiritual level. Our co-hosts talk marketing and media diets as well!

“I’m water…I’m wind…I’m learning how to flow.”

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