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Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017/02/02 - The Journey Home

Home really is where the heart is, as Oriya, Peter, and Karri discuss the aspects of being at home in both our local area and the planet at large. The idea of chasing safety as an adult is noted, and an understanding that nurturing and safety may not always be available is spoken on. Safety comes with maturity, and the ability to give it to another person is a great gift. Oriya touches on personal truth, and how what is true deep inside is often incongruous with how to present oneself in wider society. Paradigm shifts are discussed as well, with 11% of a population being all that is needed to affect radical changes in society for both good or ill. The nature of growth and the impermanence of life itself informs the core of each of our humanity. “We all got to have // A place where we come from This place that we come from is called Home” -Yasiin Bey