Kai Society

Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017/01/26 - Getting to Know You

Kai Cole discusses the coveted concept of "Architecting Your Tribe." KAI SOCIETY delivers immense value and treasured insight regarding the evolving landscape of Marketing Strategy, Brand Alchemy and Tribe Architecture for Sustainable Conscious Communities around the world.  We highlight the power of profound partnerships, internal & external relationships as well as auspicious alliances that have influenced how we love our tribes and ultimately, our Selves. Episode #1: "Getting to Know You" In this episode, Kai Cole kicks off the series by asking outrageous industry questions and sharing her innermost desires... Kai Cole, “Tribe Architect”, hosts the inaugural episode of the Kai Society Podcast. Kai works in the field of marketing and public relations, and has a positive and fulfilling outlook on how to approach the field. Every week she will share her knowledge of the field, as well as wise words and unconventional perspectives. Topics for today: the Marketing Diet, Kai’s weekly accolades (Grit, Heart, Movin’ & Groovin’), how to measure a successful conversion to engagement in the world of marketing, crossing a threshold from transparency to T.M.I., and coming back to a community you once left behind. Because if Jay-Z can reintroduce himself, why can’t we? All that plus comments and questions from Facebook Live! “When in doubt, make it as pretty as you possibly can.” -Karina Jimenez