Born and raised by one of the biggest animal & nature lovers to ever walk this planet (her dad Paul B.Lampe), Valerie has been a member of the Audubon Society since 3rdgrade. She began volunteering at 8 years old for the North Shore Science Museum of Long Island, and is a proud pet parent of many beautiful creatures both past& present: cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, parakeets, bearded dragon and a Russian tortoise.

Valerie helped swing 2 local elections by garnering awareness to animal welfare issues. She made a cameo appearance in award winning documentary film “Catnip Nation.” She also co-founded a committee registered with the NYS Board of Elections “Voters4Voiceless,” andis a proud partner of Workbdone – where people go to make extra $$$ and homeowners outsource what they hate to do or don’t know to do, and is a company which donates 10% of net profits to animal rescues, shelters, and advocacy groups.

Valerie is currently authoring a children’s book and yes, of course it’s animal related.

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Valerie Heffron