Joseph Franklyn McElroy was born and raised in Haywood County, North Carolina - "The Gateway to the Smokies".  His family has lived in that county for over 200 years. He owns the old family farm and the family lodging business, Meadowlark Motel.  But Joseph is also a world traveler and Renaissance man- an entrepreneur with Fortune 500 clients, a renowned business leader, award-winning technologist and marketer for thousands of travel destinations worldwide. His poetry has been featured on the Jumbotron in Times Square, and his art is in museum collections. Joseph is also the recipient of a certificate of artistic excellence from the US Congress.


Splitting time between New York City and North Carolina for the last 30 years, Joseph has been able to appreciate and communicate the beauty, culture, and adventures of his heritage in the Great Smoky Mountains to the wider world. Joseph's podcast is dedicated to the folk tales, cultural richness, outdoor adventures, environmental concerns, and inside information that can help visitors to the Smokies have a memorable and transformative experience.

Gateway to the Smokies
Secrets To Growing A Worldwide Tribe…



Joseph Franklyn McElroy